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So this page isn't about bus, train or any other photographs.  My latest obsession is the hobby of modern board games.  On this page you'll find links to my favorite game websites, plus descriptions and links to information on my favorite games.


Recently Played Games:


Game Websites

The mother-load of game related websites.  Find listings for thousands of games, each with descriptions, forums, ranking, user stats, files, and additional links.

Part of the Dice Tower Network, How To Play is an audio podcast about teaching and learning games.  In each episode, host Ryan Sturm provides a FULL rules explanation, teaching the game as if you were sitting across the table from him. and

The Dice Tower is the premier podcast about board and card games!  Join hosts Tom Vasel and Eric Summerer and fantastic crew of contributors each week as they review and discuss recently played games, answer listener questions, and of course, Tom's famous Top 10 lists in a plethora of categories.

The Dice Tower is also home of the Dice Tower video show - in which Tom Vasel and many others consistently review all manner of board and card games.

The Dice Tower News is dedicated to bringing you interesting, and up-to-date news from the boardgame world.  Not only that, but they’ll point you to the best blog posts and board game articles on the 'net.

Combat Commander

Click on the image to view my Combat Commander page!  The page contains info and a complete Scenario Index for the #1 card-driven, tactical, squad-level war game of all-time!

Now including Great War Commander, published by Hexasim.  GWC, based on GMT's Combat Commander by Chad Jensen, covers tactical combat in World War I.

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