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Combat Commander: Europe is a card-driven board game by Chad Jensen covering tactical infantry combat in the European Theater of World War II. One player takes the role of Germany while another player commands either America or Russia. These two players will take turns playing one or more “Fate” cards from their hands in order to activate units on the mapboard for various military functions.

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The Combat Commander series is published by GMT Games.

** NEW **

Now including Great War Commander designed by Roger Nord and Pascal Toupy, published by Hexasim.  GWC, based on GMT's Combat Commander by Chad Jensen, covers tactical combat in World War I.  Formations in Great War Commander represent either a single Leader, a Runner, a 12 men Team, a 65 men Platoon, or a Tank.

Core Sets

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Click on image above to list all compatible scenarios, or select from a set below:

Great War Commander

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Scenarios from C3i Magazine:

**NEW** The tables now include play counts, average length in minutes and an average number of time triggers per playing. These stats are based on plays entered by all users.

* The Min/Max Time columns are to provide some sense of the length of the scenario relavtive to other scenarios. Of course, multiple Time Events may occur in quick succession, or may be spaced far appart. This does not consider possible Surrender/Attrition game end conditions, which could potentially occur prior to the Min Time Event number.

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#NameScenario ByMapAxisAlliesYearLocationQty PlaysAvg Length (Mins)Avg Time TriggersMin Time*Max Time*
120Deadly ConvoyPascal Toupy3GermansPartisans1944Hameau De Cuad, Berson, Gironde, France   711
103RVarsity Blues (reprint)Bryan Collars1GermansAmericans1945Diersfordt, Germany11803612
115Summit ConferencePascal Toupy21ItaliansIndia1941Dongolaas Ravine, Eritrea1485712
119Sky FallPascal Toupy13GermansPartisans1944Goeland Drop Area, Roquebrune, Gironde, France   713
112SonnenwendeBryan Collars6GermansRussians1945Arsnwalde2126   
118No. 4 CommandoJames Loman19GermansBritish1942Operation Jubilee, Occupied France21314613
106Lost Battalion, TheGregory L. Wong29GermansAmericans1944Vosges Mountains, Alsace, France1180 510
110Arctic AssaultBryan Collars9GermansNorwegian1940Gratangen Valley, Narvik Front, Norway2174   
117Avanti Tridentina, Avanti!Bryan Collars5ItaliansRussians1943Nikolaevka, Voronezh Front, Russia   610
108In My Time of Dying 27GermansBritish1944Strongpoint Hillman, France     
105La Fiere Counterattack 5GermansAmericans1944La Fiere Causeway, France1130   
116These Are No Altar BoysPascal Toupy14GermansCanadians1944St. Martin de Fontenay, Normandy1180 813
122Barbarossa SustainedBryan Collars38GermansRussians1941Plyussa River, Narva Vicinity, Estonia11206611
103Varsity BluesBryan Collars1GermansAmericans1945Diersfordt, Germany   612
109Escape Is Everything 21GermansPolish1944Hill 262, The Falaise Pocket2186   
121How Close Is Too CloseBryan Collars49GermansAmericans1944St. Genevieve, France   613
104Go For Broke 7GermansAmericans1944Vosges Mountains, Alsace, France     
111Scheldt, TheBryan Collars20GermansCanadians1944Scheldt Estuary3166   
107Operation DeadstickBryan Collars18GermansBritish1944Benouville, France1 7612

Combat Commander packaging artwork © Rodger B. MacGowan

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