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Combat Commander: Europe is a card-driven board game by Chad Jensen covering tactical infantry combat in the European Theater of World War II. One player takes the role of Germany while another player commands either America or Russia. These two players will take turns playing one or more “Fate” cards from their hands in order to activate units on the mapboard for various military functions.

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The Combat Commander series is published by GMT Games.

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Now including Great War Commander designed by Roger Nord and Pascal Toupy, published by Hexasim.  GWC, based on GMT's Combat Commander by Chad Jensen, covers tactical combat in World War I.  Formations in Great War Commander represent either a single Leader, a Runner, a 12 men Team, a 65 men Platoon, or a Tank.

Core Sets

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Click on image above to list all compatible scenarios, or select from a set below:



Click on image above to list all compatible scenarios, or select from a set below:

Great War Commander

Core Scenarios
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Battle Pack #2 - Stalingrad

Combat Commander: Battle Pack #2 – Stalingrad is the second themed collection of scenarios for use with the Combat Commander: Europe series of games. The theme of this second Battle Pack shifts to the East Front in late 1942 as German and Soviet forces clash in and around the vaunted city of Stalingrad. CC–Stalingrad features eleven new scenarios printed on cardstock – one of which is a new style of multi-scenario Campaign Game – as well as eight new maps and dozens of new counters. Numerous additional rules relevant to the dense urban fighting characteristic of the struggle for Stalingrad are also included: Factories; Urban Snipers; Ongoing Melee; Rubble, Debris & Craters; Underground Sewer Movement; and the “Ampulomet” Molotov Launcher.

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Maps Included:

30 , 31 , 32 , 33 , 34 , 35 , 36 , 37

**NEW** The tables now include play counts, average length in minutes and an average number of time triggers per playing. These stats are based on plays entered by all users.

* The Min/Max Time columns are to provide some sense of the length of the scenario relavtive to other scenarios. Of course, multiple Time Events may occur in quick succession, or may be spaced far appart. This does not consider possible Surrender/Attrition game end conditions, which could potentially occur prior to the Min Time Event number.

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#NameScenario ByMapAxisAlliesYearLocationQty PlaysAvg Length (Mins)Avg Time TriggersMin Time*Max Time*
35Spartakovka SalientMark Kalina1GermansRussians1942Spartakovka, Russia41557713
36Sea DevilsBryan Collars30GermansRussians1942Minina Suburb, Stalingrad, Russia71316613
37Dom 31Chad and Kai Jensen35GermansRussians1942Behind the Barrikady, Stalingrad, Russia412461011
38Not One Step BackKai Jensen32GermansRussians1942Dolgyi Gully, Stalingrad, Russia1746611
39Fortresses of Blood and IronBryan Collars33GermansRussians1942Near Krutoy Gully, Stalingrad, Russia42065713
40Into the BreachChad Jensen34GermansRussians1942Barrikady Gun Factory, Stalingrad, Russia312861011
41Commissar House, TheWill Green35GermansRussians1942Near the Volga, Stalingrad, Russia31278713
42Rumanian DefianceBryan Collars14RumanianRussians1942Obliskaya Airfield, Russia21397713
43Lyudnikov's IslandWill Green31GermansRussians1942Barrikady Fuel Tanks, Stalingrad, Russia51157713
44Stalingrad of the NorthBryan Collars12GermansRussians1943Velikiye Luki, Russia222010913
45Stand and Die (Campaign)John A. FoleyVariableGermansRussians1942Mamayev Kurgan, Stalingrad4284   

Combat Commander packaging artwork © Rodger B. MacGowan

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